The Road to Heaven


The road to heaven is not straight

but it’s so very alluring

with curves and turns and views galore

one can’t ignore its intention


The road to heaven is gnarly

but can easily be driven

by the humble heart which declares

“what the heck, here goes everything!”


The road to heaven is splendid

like a string quartet of angels

strumming chords that create the breaths

of sentiment and consciousness


The road to heaven is healing

like the mountain air that restores

the gentle cells that were so wrecked

some dark and wicked nights ago


The road to heaven is a shift

of what was to what is to be

where past gets entombed on the rock

and future is exposed on awe


The road to heaven is carefree,

reckless and also impudent,

attentive, mindful and reserved;

you see, there are no rules for it.


by María Elena


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