As the Pendulum Swings


From one extreme to the other

only to find the middle

balanced by angels and demons


by rights and wrongs

lefts and rights

How do I know what’s right?


How do I know it will be approved?

And who is to say.

Question is what’s wrong


The religion of my life is nothing more

and nothing less

than my heartbeat song


Who will make me happy if not myself?

Who will make me sad

but those who do not take a chance


Deprive myself of what I wonder

and be bad. Or extract

the sweet juice and savor sip by sip


The privilege is only granted once.

When I die I’ll be

dust that spins around my bedroom floor


The memory of a kind heart twirling

in the middle

for a few special beings


What would he want me to do?

How can I promise

to be satisfactory in his world


How do I vow to be acceptable?

Do I have to pledge? or

just be.


by María Elena

4 thoughts on “As the Pendulum Swings

  1. Me gusta mucho María Elena. El título es genial y todos y cada uno de los versos tiene un profundo sentido. La foto es también estupenda, muy “Typical Spanish” las macetas y las jaulas de los pájaros, la ventana con el reflejo del tejado y ese buen cielo azul le aporta una gran profundidad y una luz fantástica.

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