Fasting Indifference

What appears today to be ruined
Carries its own beauty in its crumbs
The old shell of earth with all its wrinkles
Not only exists but triumphs

Dry faithful bushes donate their splendid shadow
Cherry trees blossom among waste and carelessness
Olive trees refrain patiently – their own penance
A ritual that begins and ends

When the holy water from heaven
Baptizes the orchards
Scars that were etched will eventually be forgiven
By time, indifferent and fleeting

The beginning of life meets its end
Making us forget our own expiration
It fertilizes a simple wildflower
An apparently resistant spirit

What wonders can be conceived with so much rubble
By those who look kindly on dry clay
Those who illuminate and purify unselfishly
Those who renew their mission in the desert

Destroying their prior transgressions
Welcoming the spring sunshine
And the full moon
To pay attention – without judgment

by Maria Elena (Feb, 2016)


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