Olive Oil in My Eyes


Green olive eyes were once extra virgin

The man with sky in his eyes

Would teach them how to fly


Cloudy day eyes are always eager

The woman with olives eyes remarked

She would show them how to swim


Both entrapped in unguent adoration

Soothed celestial spheres azure

Brushed the silky tawny sand


How slick, they said, it’s a ploy

a trick, a ruse, a trap

to steal the vestal maiden safe


Gentle porcelain skin pressed hard

Against fields of honey grasses

Creators of essential oils of them


Bonds that once existed emblematic

Ceased to crumple the galaxy

And a well-oiled duo evolved


by María Elena

3 thoughts on “Olive Oil in My Eyes

  1. Aunque me cuesta entenderla bien, los traductores no van muy bien para la poesía, me gusta. Un bonito título, España te está atrapando…

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